Cajal Cortical Circuits (UPM-CSIC)



Target: The major aim of CCCL at CTB is combining microanatomical studies of the brain with computer science technologies, in particular, in coordination with other research groups with expertise in statistics, informatic tools and image analysis.

Description: The main experimental research lines conducted at the CCCL focus on the detailed analysis of the microanatomy of the cerebral cortex in both, normal conditions and pathological alterations, such epilepsy or Alzheimer’s Disease, among others.


Intracellular injection in fixed tissue; histochemical and inmunocytochemical techniques for optical and electron microscopy and Image processing; 3D reconstruction methods (confocal and FIB/SEM microscopy); tract-tracing anatomical methods; stereology.


Technical resources: laser-confocal microscope, stereological system coupled to a high resolution light microscope, microinjection system coupled to fluorescence microscope (4), ultramicrotome, transmission electron-microscope couple to a high resolution digital acquisition image system, Dual-Beam electron microscope (FIB/SEM), EspINA software (3D analysis of EM samples) and Exploratory Informatics tools (pre-analysis of morphological neuronal and synaptic parameters).

Centro de Tecnología Biomédica. CTB. UPM Campus de Montegancedo. Teléfono: +34 91 067 92 50

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