From left to right: Frank Mikuski, Daniel González-Nieto, Milagros Ramos, Laura Fernández, Norma Ramírez, Soledad Martínez, José Luis Gaztelú-Quijano, Juan Barios, Ceferino Maestú, José Mª Arguelles.

The unit of cell and animal models performs basic research for the study and
treatment of different neurological diseases covering several scientific lines
i) Cell therapy and pharmacologic approaches to treat stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
ii) Search for new markers with valuable prognostic in Alzheimer’s disease.
iii) therapeutic approaches of magnetic fields and dosimetry studies of the exposition to electromagnetic radiations. The unit is composed of a
multidisciplinary research team from three different laboratories:
-Molecular Biology and Biofunctionalization
-Experimental and Computational Neurology

El papel fundamental de las conexinas en la regeneración celular

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