Ageing Lab


From left to right, top to bottom: Xavier Ferré, Antonio Cobo, Francisco del Pozo, Arnaud van der Poorten, Elena Villalba, Guiomar Niso, Ismael González, Pilar Herrero, Alberto Sánchez.

The Ageing Lab is currently pursuing three research lines:
1) Internet of Things (IoT) for Frailty Monitoring
It focuses on one of the main health-related problems in the older people: disability, and its main risk factor: frailty. IoT and mobile technologies provide the necessary technology for monitoring frailty-risky patients in extra-hospitalary settings.


2) Brain connectivity

This unit studies the biomarkers and synchronization phenomena associated to ageing and frailty. Based on MEG-imaging, multimodality neuroimaging, and the integration of functional and anatomical connectivity information


3) UX and Usability in Mobile Applications

UX and usability are key quality attributes for mobile applications. The reduced time-to-market needs of this field call for the application of automated or semi-automated methods for UX and usability evaluation. Logging user events offers the possibility of studying actual user behaviour and to confront it with the expected one. Identification of early signs of dementia is also possible with a user-event logging scheme. Gathered information allows for clustering of users and offering personalized Uis.



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