Structure of the Centre for Biomedical Technology

The CTB has been structured on the following pillars:

  • A CTB Joint Research Program. The set of scientific research lines and projects are selected according to the available expertise of the groups involved, the future scientific relevance of these lines and the interest of the associated health institutions and industrial companies.
  • The Laboratories of the CTB Designed to deal with the selected research lines, they are provided with highly specialized equipment to create an optimum and competitive environment to optimize scientific productivity, industrial transfer, translational outputs and to attract outstanding worldwide scientific/technology investigators.
  • A Training Program consisting of several competitive undergraduate and postgraduate programs (workshops, master and doctorate degrees) to train CTB researchers, also open to the external world to cope with the training needs in biomedical technology and related fields. The program is complemented with the access to the CTB research laboratories, a documentary support Unit and a Library.


Together with a set of CTB Support Units to facilitate the essential tools for:


  • Clinical Trials support, design and management. Technology transfer to the industry, including spin-off temporal nurturing.
  • Financing office to capture international/national research funds and recruit unit of top-level researchers from the international market.
  • TIC and Computing infrastructure and support

Centro de Tecnología Biomédica. CTB. UPM Campus de Montegancedo. Teléfono: +34 91 067 92 50

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