Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering


From left to right: Gustavo Plaza, Rafael Daza, Fran Rojo , Almudena Tobaruela, Rodrigo Madurga, Cecilia Rosenblat, María Arroyo, Concepción Solanas. Jean Yves Bourges, José Pérez Rigueiro, Daniel Calvo, Gustavo Guinea, Núria Marí, Adriana Torres, Rusi Liang.

Target: Study of biological materials and development of new biomaterials.

Description: We work in three research lines: (a) study of biological fibers and development of bioinspired fibers to be used as biomaterials, (b) study of collagen-based materials (pericardium, tendons, blood vessels) and developmet of prostheses, and (c) cell mechanics applied to diagnosis.

Techniques: Mechanical testing of materials, atomic forces microscopy, electron microcopy, optical microscopy, spinning of fibers, differential scanning calorimetry, small angle light scattering, Raman spectroscopy, microtomy.

Infrastructure: 3 universal mechanical testing machines, environmental chamber, differential scanning calorimeter, dynamic thermomechanical analysis, 2 atomic forces microscope, scanning electron microscope, digital laser cutting machine, home-made wet spinning and electrospinning devices, basic biochemical equipment, home-made small angle light scattering device, microtome.

For more information, please visit our home page: Página del laboratorio de Biomateriales e Ingeniería Regenerativa/

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