Neuromorphic Voice Processing


From left to to right: Cristina Muñoz, Rafael Martínez, Victor Nieto, Agustín Álvarez, Victoria Rodellar, Luis Miguel Mazaira, Pedro Gómez Vilda.

Target: Advanced Voice Quality Analysis in Organic and Neurodegenerative Disease Monitoring. Description of Functional Circuits in the Brain for Speech Perception and Production.

Description: The activity of the Laboratory is very much aimed to the design of Voice Processing Tools for the detection and monitoring the organic and neurologic pathology in speech. It is well known that many neurological diseases leave a fingerprint in voice and speech production. The detection and monitoring procedure is based on a simple voice test. The availability of advanced tools and methodologies to monitor the organic pathology of voice facilitates the implantation of these tests. On the other hand an important objective is also the Design of Modeling Tools for Speech Perception in Higher Auditory Pathways for Phonetic Unit Representation Spaces and Phonemic Parsing. Current trends in the search for improvements in speech perception, try to find inspiration in the explanation of certain functions that are not yet well understood, as the semantic gap from spectral representations to the symbolic translation into phonemes and words and the construction of morphosyntactic structure.

Techniques: High Quality Voice, Speech and Song Recording (in situ and in studio)

Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Methodologies to extract and represent the following correlates from Voice and speech:

- Distortion parameters (jitter, shimmer, hnr, nhr, gne, etc.)

- Spectral and Cepstral Profiles of the Glottal Source

- Biomechanical Parameters of the Vocal Folds (Dynamic Mass and Stiffness)

- Open, Close and Return Quotients

- Glottal Gap Defects

- Tremor and Vibrato in Voice

- Vocal Effort

Infrastructure: Audio Recording Equipment: Mixing Board, Audio Amplification (analog and digital), Sound Proof Booth. Audio and Video Processing: Signal Processing Workstations and associate Software (proprietary and second sources).

Portable Recording and Voice Quality Analysis Equipment.

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