Optics, Photonics and Biophotonics Lab


The optics, photonics and biophotonics group is composed of 6 doctors, 7 PhD  candidates and other students developing their bachelor´s or master´s thesis.  Among the doctors of the group, 4 are professors at the School of Industrial Engineering (ETSII) in the department of applied physics and material Engineering and the rest of them are in their post-doctoral stage.

Our work includes all the value chain, since basic investigation until the development of prototypes. Most of them are focused on the detection of proteins, virus and important biomarkers without the necessity of chemical development, e.  g. Biochip-KIT. Also, we develop a reading method for the biochips, using optical read-out systems very useful for in vitro detection.

Recently, in collaboration with other groups, we are developing systems to immobilize cells with the goal of replace the experimentation in animal systems.

Our group projects are focus in basic investigation and their application in the industrial development with funding of national and international agencies and companies.

Moreover, we participate in projects of science outreach, to promote science vocations in the younger students.

Finally, our group created in 2010 the company BIOD, whose implement and commercialize some the technology developed by the group.


HR Feb 2018



Group leader: Dr. Miguel Holgado
Phone number: 91 336 46 36 / 38
Mail:  m.holgado@upm.es

Principal Research lines

Photonic transducers for label-free biosensors.
Optical read-out platforms for the development of Point-of-care devices  to present information of clinical interest.
Packaging and KITs focused on multiplexation and user-friendly
Micro-nano fluidics for lab-on-a-chip systems.
Fluidic chips for cells-on-a-chip systems.
Surface functionalization  for bio-receptors and chemical applications.


The Biophotonics Laboratory is under clean conditions and temperature control, and it is also equipped with clean dry and dust-less air



• Processing protocols for wet etching and cleaning
• Thin films deposition by spin-coating up to 150 mm wafers,
• Laminar flow class 10 chamber
• Thin films Chemical Vapor deposition CVD (self-produced ) for SiO2 and TiO2
• Thermal processes by hot plates
• Precision Balances
• UV projection lithography mask (resolution up to 500 nm) up to 150 mm wafers
• Nano-imprint lithography (UV-NIL)
• Manufacture by stamping and mold for polymers
• Developing processes for micro-nano lithography
• Fast prototyping manufacture by 3D printer



• Read-out system for continuous flow biomolecular interaction system
• Point of Care systems manufactured by BIOD and designed by the Research group.
• Optical-fiber thin-film metrology (1 nm resolution) UV-VIS for measuring thin film thickness and equipped with camera capable of measuring up to 0.2 mm domains
• FT-VIS-NIR high-resolution spectrometry (pm resolution) and IR spectroscopy in transmission and reflection for VIS-NIR capable of measuring domains at the micrometer domains, also equipped with a microscope.
• Sub-micrometric spatial resolution (up to 600 nm) Reflectometry angle -resolved and ellipsometry valid for thickness measurements on thin films and nanostructures response
• Optical Microscopy



• Assays models: IgG annti-IgG / BSA-anti_BSA
• Infectious diseases: Rotavirus, Dengue, Influenza
• Tear-dry eye monitoring: Tear Biomarkers
• Pathogen detection: Bacteria
• Detection of Allergens and Immunological tolerances




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