Microanatomy of the Cerebral Cortex

Target: Detailed analysis of the microanatomical and neurochemical organization of the Cerebral Cortex. The main objective is to decipher the detailed map of cortical elements and its connections (at the synaptic level) in a Cortical Column.

Detailed description: Normal brain tissue, from experimental animals (mice and rats) and from human samples, is analyzed by microanatomical examination using light and electron microscopy techniques. Later, the images and data are integrated in the design of new methods of analysis and visualization as well as the development of computer tools, which will allow an accurate and complex analysis.


Cajal Cortical Circuits (CCCL)

Data Mining and Simulation (MIDAS)


Contact: cajal.laboratory@ctb.upm.es


A: 3D reconstruction of the segmented synaptic junctions in a stack. B-D: The user can modify the position of any plane to visualize the 3D reconstructed objects. In this example, one plane has been displaced (following the direction of the arrow) to show different views. Green objects represent asymmetric synaptic profiles and red objects symmetric synaptic profiles.

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