Clinical Neuroscience


From left to right; Tino Méndez, Javier González-Rosa, Paola Rivera, Bryan Strange, Fernando López, Stephan Moratti, Mar Yebra 

Target: Human cognition in health and disease, Memory, Emotion, Attention, Brain Connectivity.

Description: Our laboratory explores the cerebral basis of cognitive function in healthy people and in patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases. We are particularly interested in human memory function and emotional processing. We are based within the Centre for Biomedical Technology, Technical University of Madrid, and are affiliated to a number of clinical institutions (such as Hospital Clinico San Carlos, a central Madrid teaching Hospital), providing an interdisciplinary platform for clinical and cognitive neuroscience.

Techniques: Intracranial and scalp EEG, MEG, TMS, fMRI, Deep-Brain Stimulation, human behavioral and pharmacology studies.

Infrastructure: In addition to the Principal Investigator, there are currently two senior researchers, and three PhD students as members of our research team. Our laboratory is located in the Center of Biomedical Technology in the Montegancedo-UPM campus. In addition to behavioral testing rooms, lab facilities include portable EEG platforms and a MEG system available in our center. We offer a unique opportunity to record intracranial depth EEG during surgical and post-surgical interventions in neurological and psychiatric patients. Several research fMRI facilities are also available in associated centers, including the possibility to acquire simultaneously EEG-fMRI and iEEG-MEG/EEG data.

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Centro de Tecnología Biomédica. CTB. UPM Campus de Montegancedo. Teléfono: +34 91 067 92 50

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