Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience


The mission of the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Lab is to study the relations between cognitive functions and neurophysiological phenomena both in normal subjects and in patients with different neurological or psychiatric disorders. The principal idea is trying to understand brain functioning as a network, therefore as a constant interchange of information in a three dimensional space (space-time-frequency) to support cognitive and affective process. Our framework is using “connectivity analysis” and “network theory” as the basis of our understanding of the neurophysiological phenomena supporting cognitive functions, and neuropsychiatric dysfunction. Thus, the study of functional connectivity in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer ́s Disease, epilepsy or stroke as well as in psychiatric disorders such as depression, autism or alcoholism is providing a new perspective on these neuropsychiatric disorders.

This Laboratory is a joint lab created by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Complutense to bring together neuropsychologists, physicists, engineers, and medical doctors from UCM and UPM in an interdisciplinary environment to promote knowledge interchange and new questions about the functioning of the human brain.

Principal investigator: Fernando Maestú Unturbe