Clinical Neuroscience


The Laboratory for Clinical Neuroscience (LCN) was created in 2011 with the aim to explore the cerebral basis of cognitive function in healthy people and in patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases. A particular focus is the study of human memory function and emotional processing. We are affiliated to a number of clinical institutions in Madrid-Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Hospital Ruber Internacional and Centre for Alzheimer’s Disease of the Fundación Reina Sofia-which together with the facilities at the CTB provide an interdisciplinary platform for clinical and cognitive neuroscience. We have set up a number of highly exciting research lines, some of which are unique within Spain and indeed Europe. In 2019, a 5-year Consolidator Grant awarded to the PI of the lab by the European Research Council (ERC) will push forward understanding on the human subcortical-cortical circuit dynamics for remembering salient events.

Principal investigator: Bryan Strange