Experimental neurology


The Experimental Neurology Unit is focused on understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms of a variety of neurological disorders, searching for therapeutic and early diagnostic opportunities. Our research lines have a double aspect, basic and applied.

NEW THERAPIES FOR CANCER: Given the numerous relapses of the patient and the cellular resistance to current therapies, it becomes necessary to search for new therapies that are capable of combating tumor-initiating cells. Therefore, the main objective is its eradication without establishing adverse cellular damage to healthy tissue and to the patient.

Our laboratory is currently working with extracts that boast good results, capable of mimicking the chemotherapeutic response of cancer without producing an effect on healthy cells.

The main materials used are:

–          Transgenic proteins.

–          Extracts of plants and seeds.

–          Extracts of growing deer antlers.

Current project: Potente y sin efectos secundarios: Estudio del efecto anticancerígeno del extracto de cuerna de ciervo en crecimiento en cultivos celulares y modelos in vivo. (P210060008)


DETECTION OF RELAPSE IN ONCOLOGY PATIENTS: Currently, the prognosis of tumor progression, relapse, and metastasis in cancer patients is one of the biggest problems. Current technologies are not fully effective, however, thanks to mathematical models it is possible to improve the response of these predictions. In the laboratory, under a study of molecular markers in patients, data is collected to improve early detection under a mathematical model that allows the prediction of the patient’s response and prognosis.

Current project: Avances en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la recaída en el cáncer colorrectal (ONCOREC). Proyecto DONACIONES INVESTIGACION CANCER. Ref. FPA210000BIOTEC1904. Recibimos muestras de pacientes y realizando informes con la autorización del comité de ética de varios hospitales (Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Hospital Ramón y Cajal).


EXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF BIOMOLECULES OF INTEREST: Nature shows us a wide variety of biomolecules capable of producing a benefit to health, applicable to problems of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer and metastasis. Obtaining and characterizing it has become an important task to understand the function of these molecules and establish their functions within our body, always thinking about the possible benefit for human health. We currently have the obtaining and characterization of the wide range of polyphenols, and the search for the best solvents to obtain them without causing damage to the environment, through a mathematical model.

Current project: Optimización de subproductos de interés en la salud humana derivados de Synsepalum Dulcíficum D. y plantas similares.( ref. M2020280012)

Principal investigator: Ceferino Maestú