Medical Data Analytics


Medical Data Analytics Laboratory (MEDAL) is composed by a team of professors, researchers and students with deep experience in the field of data management, data processing and artificial intelligence techniques. The main goal of MEDAL is the acquisition, integration and analysis of medical-based information to extract knowledge that can be used as the basis for the design and implementation of smart products and tool to support decision making process and the creation of health intelligent applications for physicians and health managers to support their daily-practice. In the last years the laboratory has focused their efforts in projects dealing with the complexity of retrieving, managing and analyzing data from different sources and with a large variety of formats. The team has a deep experience in the concept of Big Data, mainly in the health sector, where several projects within this scope have been running in the past and are being executed nowadays. The main goals of the projects under execution in the lab include electronic health records (EHR) knowledge extraction, image analysis and understanding, AI, data mining and machine learning analysis to discover pattern in specific diseases (lung cancer and dementia), NLP to analyze clinical narratives, as well as broader areas such as disease understanding by using complex networks creation and analysis or health-related social media analysis.

Principal investigator: Alejandro Rodríguez González