Optics, Photonics and Biophotonics


The Optics, Photonics and Biohotonics Group (GOFB) is specialized in Research, Technological Development and Innovation of advanced chemical, biochemical and in- vitro diagnostic systems, as well as in the implementation of photonic transducers and bio transducers on a chip, biokits, readout platforms, bioreactors, tissue-on-a-chip and organ- on-chips.

Thus, the GOFB is covering the whole value chain from the basic and technological research to the demonstration and final prototyping, being the main activities conducted from the analytical and numeric simulation and design to the final implementation of the biokits, bioreactors and readout platforms. The GOFB is focus either on disruptive and singular applications or in those more market oriented. In this term, is worthy to mention here that the exploitation of the research and technological development is conducted through industrial partners and the start-up company Bio Optical Detection (www.biod.es) that was set-up in 2010 from researchers of the GOFB group.

Principal investigator: Miguel Holgado