Clinical Neuroscience

General objective: The cerebral basis of cognitive function in healthy people and in patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases.


-          Clinical Neuroscience

-          Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

-          Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid

-          Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid

-          Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos, Toledo

-          Institute of Neurology, London

-          INSPE-San Raffaele Hospital, Milan

-          FC Donders Institute, Nijmegen

Contact: Bryan A. Strange


Patients with medically intractable epilepsy undergo stereotactic electrode for pre-surgical evaluation (upper left). These electrodes allow recordings with high temporal and spatial resolution in deep structures such as the amygdala. Based on the preoperative magnetic resonance (upper middle-left) and the postoperative computed tomography scan where the electrode artifacts can be seen (upper middleright) a fusion image of both may be created and the probability for each contact of being in a particular structural area can be computed (upper right). Depending on the experimental design, local field potentials (a sum of the local activity of multiple neurons) can be computed. In this case, several stimuli were presented, resembling one of three emotional expressions: fearful, happy and neutral. The figure (bottom) represents the average of the activity specific for each emotional expression on the amygdala of several patients (n=5). The objective of this design was testing whether the amygdala is able to react rapidly when presented with threat-related stimuli. An initial deflection is seen only for fearful, and not happy and neutral, faces.

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